Is it Safe to Show DVD’s to Children?

Limiting TV time and tech time for toddlers and small kids may be an excellent idea. But on a long drive, or a road trip, it is typically these electronic gadgets which come to our rescue and keep the young tykes busy and happy. This in turn ensures a peaceful road trip.

If you are one of those people like who do not have an in-built DVD/ TV system in the car, there’s nothing like a convenient portable DVD player or an iPad which you can strap to the back of the driver’s seat/ the front of the backseat to come to your rescue. After looking at several options, I settled down on this model, because I like how easy it is to use portable dvd player for kids and it comes with a handy remote that is so easy for my child to use.

While you are planning a road trip and writing those all-important checklists, do follow some simple hacks to ensure that your children are kept engaged.

Apart from their toys or reading books and colouring stuff, simple car games, have a list of educational videos that you can play to them during the trip.

Apart from these, you can also download a couple of their favourite movies and put them all together in a simple hard disk or USB drive to save yourself from the trouble of having to change dvds from time to time. This ensures that your children can operate the remote safely while in the car.

Have a set of fully charged replacement batteries. It helps to know which batteries are safe and better for the durability of the player and invest in the same.

Unless you are this know-all techie, do not try to change the software, just follow these simple hacks to utilize your portable DVD player to its optimum.