We all have at least heard about Android TV boxes, the device that helps convert a regular TV into a smart one. There are many brands that are competing with each other in the Android TV Box category. Each and every one of them have their own advantages and short comings. When you talk about MiBox, it is something similar that has been created in China. It is China’s product that is up for competition against all the big names of the industry.

The product is placed at a price that is way below the average price of any of the other products that are available in this category. The main function of all of them is to convert a regular TV into a smart one.

All the devices including the MiBox are used to stream live videos, install apps as well as watch TV shows, movies of your choice whenever you wish. You can also surf the internet using these devices. Though each manufacturer has different variants in the same category, they also allow the TV to be used as well as any computer or even a smart mobile phone.

The MiBox is also the same, and is used for the exact same purpose. Some of the cool features it has include the integrated Google Cast, as well as voice search. It also has the 4K and HDR supporting device. These features along with its low cost make the product appealing. However, finally it an Android TV player and comes along with its own share of limitations.

But first let us check its specifications at a glance:

  • Quad-core 2Ghz ARM processor
  • Internal 2 GB RAM as well as expandable up to 8GB using a USB port.
  • It also has a Bluetooth connection that comes along with a voice control.
  • 4K video support at 60 FPS

When you look at the device, it is quite sleek and fits even in small space. It has a matt black finish that gives it a look of being much higher than its actual cost.