How I got 1000 followers on twitter in 1 day!

If you want a good conversation, with too many ideas in your head just tweet it, in no time you will get the feedback, it is just like instant coffee! Social media platform is all about seeking information, using it for your opportunities, sharing it, passing it on. At some point of time, it will be not just be the normal stuff, but your count of experiences shared. Despite relentlessly being tweety, chatty, tweeters who position themselves as experts with the 140 characters at a time. It is alarming to note that in real life they may be quite somber with their success; but in the virtual world they are famous for their tweets.

The moment we join Twitter, unlike the other famous social media platforms where it only to keep your friends and family current with your day beings, the count of followers is more like owning a world class car. This platform is a place where you want to know people, if you have passion about your content, even with a few formal skills you could be the looking at a potential for a million- dollar business.

The basic Mantra in a micro blogging site like Twitter is to be present, which is now. It takes a lot to be active tweeters early in the morning, when most of the people will read your tweets-there you get more followers too. It may be true that if keep following too many people at one go, you may not end up having much follow back in case you want great followers. As the number goes up with your tweets you feel like you are a star. A popular brand which is worldwide famous for their range of Coffee, have around close to a million Deutsche Twitter Followers,  now that is the power of target audience which one would look at for a marketing campaign to increase their presence in the real world.