New Car Technology Ideas

The race to keep up with the latest technologies is not restricted to just the IT industry but its hold is very palpable in the Automotive world too. There is constant innovation in the safety features, entertainment, and ease of use of the modern day cars.

Here we have briefly touched on the technologies to watch out for in the near future.

  • Communication between cars: It may not be a page out of a science fiction book anymore as there are two technologies that are taking shape to allow two cars or vehicles on the road to communicate with each other. The V2V technology will warn your car before you see an obstacle and avert an accident. In this case, the vehicle senses the direction speed and location of another vehicle on your path and alerts you to its presence so you can take the necessary action. It is believed that this technology will reduce car crashes by 79%.
  • Communication between cars and Infrastructure: This is called V2I wherein the cars can communicate with traffic signals and get information on issues related to safety. In this technology, vehicles can access traffic information and receive suggestions on the best route to take during traffic jams. V2I is also expected to reduce crashes by 81%.
  • Airbags for the car: Everyone is familiar with airbags in the front seat which are deployed when there is a crash. But Mercedes is actually working on a technology which will revolutionize the safety systems in cars. Working on an existing safety system the company is trying to develop an airbag which will be deployed from underneath the car and this will prevent the car from crashing. It will also raise the car eight centimeters to counter the dipping motion of car which is normal when the brakes are applied hard. The bumper to bumper collisions will be minimized and passengers don’t slide off their seats.

Thus, the future is exciting especially regarding the safety measures. In the meanwhile, you can keep yourself and your vehicle safe with regular maintenance and use quality spares like those at 247 spares to keep your vehicle running in pristine condition.